Introduction to Dr. pen M8

  1. Standard shipment: one power plug, one power cord, one host handle, one instruction manual, two 16 pin needles
  2. The M8 instrument is divided into charging and plug-in versions, with the same appearance for the charging and plug-in versions. M8-W is a rechargeable model that can be operated wirelessly (with built-in battery). M8-C is a plug-in model that can be used with wires plugged in.
  3. The instrument has a one button switch and a digital display screen, which allows you to visually see the current operating gear and display 6 gears. You can choose the appropriate gear to operate according to different parts and personal habits. The needle length of the instrument can be adjusted from 0 to 2.5mm, and different needle lengths can be adjusted according to different parts.
  4. This instrument is mainly used for skin management (MTS for short) {MTS projects such as removing acne, pitting and scars, whitening and moisturizing, and keeping foundation make-up to remove pregnancy wrinkles}
  5. The needle of this instrument is connected with the instrument in three detents. The triangle principle is used to make the needle more closely and firmly connected with the instrument. Before use, sterilize the needle and clean and disinfect the face. Apply the essence that needs to be introduced. Start the operation and circle. After using the microneedle, pull out the needle and wrap it with a paper towel to avoid cross infection in the second use. The machine is placed vertically or obliquely to prevent essence from entering the body. Apply 30 minutes of medical facial mask every day for sunscreen within 72 hours. Apply VC containing essence within a week to help repair and whiten
  6. The applicable needle specifications for the instrument include: 11, 16, 24, 36, 42, round nanowires, 5 * 5 large nanowires, 3 * 3 small nanowires, and nanocrystals. Unlike regular needles, the 11 and 16 needles are 0.18mm fine, smooth and sharp, reducing trauma, reducing pain, and repairing faster.